Erik Berntsens slektssider

Johanna Margrethe Andersdatter Harr

Female Abt 1701 - 1763  (~ 62 years)

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Trine Rasmusdatter Trane
Female 1780-Yes, date unknown
Lorentz Skancke
Male 1786-1879
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Hanna Margrethe Rasmusdatter Trane
Female 1789-Yes, date unknown
Alexander Gamst Figenschou
Male 1781-Yes, date unknown
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Jens Rasmussen Trane
Male 1791-Yes, date unknown
Elisabeth Marie Rasmusdatter Trane
Female 1808-Yes, date unknown
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Anne Junghans Kaurin
Female Abt 1774-Yes, date unknown
Jakobine Trane
Female 1778-1850
Michel Johansen Brox
Male Abt 1771-1857
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Maren Olsdatter
Female 1792-1882
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Anna Margrethe Rosted
Female 1760-Yes, date unknown
Jens Rasmussen Trane
Male Abt 1723-1806
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Iver Anderssen
Male 1692-1734
Jakob Olsen
Male 1766-1809
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Ole Paulsen Gram
Male 1778-1830
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Margreta Nilsdatter Røgh
Female 1760-Yes, date unknown
Hans Kristensen
Male 1761-1788
Jochum Hansen
Male 1794-Yes, date unknown
Johanna Larsdatter
Female 1797-Yes, date unknown
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Hans Andreas Nilsen Røgh
Male 1774-Yes, date unknown
Gjertrud Hansdatter
Female 1770-Yes, date unknown
Anfinn Nilsen Røgh
Male Abt 1776-Yes, date unknown
Kirsten Marie Edisdatter Lech
Female 1734-Yes, date unknown
Nils Anfinnsen Røgh
Male 1726-Yes, date unknown
Hans Sparboe
Male 1761-1761
Jens Krog
Male 1792-1852
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Anne Margrethe Lind
Female Abt 1797-Yes, date unknown
Johanna Margrethe Sparboe
Female 1762-Yes, date unknown
Hans Anderssen
Male 1784-Yes, date unknown
Ovidia Marie Sørensdatter
Female 1817-Yes, date unknown
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Karen Dortea Andersdatter
Female 1798-Yes, date unknown
Malena Kirstina Andersdatter
Female 1800-Yes, date unknown
Gregus Villumsen
Male 1810-1859
Sara Margrete Jakobsdatter
Female 1836-Yes, date unknown
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Anne Margrete Johnsdatter Lind
Female 1793-Yes, date unknown
Hanna Kristina Johansdatter Lind
Female 1795-Yes, date unknown
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Johanna Margrete Johnsdatter Lind
Female 1799-Yes, date unknown
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Hans Sparboe
Male 1766-1766
Hans Andreas Andreassen Lind
Male 1799-Yes, date unknown
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Oline Kirstina Olsdatter
Female 1815-Yes, date unknown
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Anna Margrete Andreasdatter Lind
Female 1806-Yes, date unknown
Ane Maria Nicolaisdatter
Female Abt 1798-Yes, date unknown
Kirsten Ebrika Aas Kaufmann
Female Abt 1799-Yes, date unknown
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Hans Petter Nicolaisen Harder
Male 1784-Yes, date unknown
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Ejnar Hybert Hardie
Male 1799-Yes, date unknown
Iverina Lech Kaufman
Female 1806-Yes, date unknown
Axel Olsen
Male 1795-1856
Johanna Margrethe Iversdatter Lech
Female Abt 1778-Yes, date unknown
Nicolai Conrad Kaufman
Male Abt 1745-1812
Kirsten Aas Lech
Female 1805-1890
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Edis Iversen Lech
Male 1781-Yes, date unknown
Kirsten Maria Iversdatter Lech
Female Abt 1782-Yes, date unknown
Kirsten Axelsdatter
Female Abt 1742-Abt 1800