Erik Berntsens slektssider

Ingebrigt Olsen Aas

Male Abt 1643 - Yes, date unknown

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Ingebrigt Knudsen Aas
Male 1713-Yes, date unknown
Peder Knudsen Aas
Male 1715-Yes, date unknown
Karen Knudsdatter Aas
Female 1717-Yes, date unknown
Øllegaard Knudsdatter Aas
Female Abt 1719-Yes, date unknown
Kirsten Axelsdatter
Female Abt 1742-Abt 1800
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Margrete Knudsdatter Aas
Female 1723-Yes, date unknown
Axel Mogensen
Male Abt 1731-Yes, date unknown
Knud Olsen Aas
Male Abt 1754-1806
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Hans Warberg Olsen Aas
Male 1755-Yes, date unknown
Anne Pedersdatter Hønnichen
Female 1746-Yes, date unknown
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Anna Marta Johnsdatter Trane
Female 1760-Yes, date unknown
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Karen Olsdatter Aas
Female 1760-Yes, date unknown
Christen Kildal Pedersen Hønnichen
Male 1749-Yes, date unknown
Ole Knudsen Aas
Male 1725-Bef 1800
Peder Olsen Aas
Male 1763-1831
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Christen Kildal Olsen Aas
Male 1768-Yes, date unknown
Barbro Dorthea Olsdatter Aas
Female 1770-Yes, date unknown
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Torlev Paulsen
Male -Abt 1807
Willads Bing Dreyer
Male 1781-Yes, date unknown
Ole Olsen Aas
Male 1774-Yes, date unknown
Ane Dorthea Olsdatter Aas
Female 1779-Yes, date unknown
Peder Hansen Aas
Male 1763-Yes, date unknown
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Hans Knudsen Aas
Male 1727-1774
Berit Gabrielsdatter
Female 1733-Yes, date unknown
Knud Ingebrigtsen Aas
Male Abt 1679-1743
Karen Ingebrigtsdatter Aas
Female Abt 1744-Yes, date unknown
Hartvig Henriksen
Male 1742-Yes, date unknown
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Jon Kristoffersen
Male 1752-Yes, date unknown
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Knut Ingebrigtsen Aas
Male 1745-Yes, date unknown
Svend Blix Ingebrigtsen Aas
Male 1753-Yes, date unknown
Hans Larsen Aas
Male 1712-Yes, date unknown
Karen Larsdatter Aas
Female 1715-Yes, date unknown
Anne Malena Larsdatter Aas
Female 1716-Yes, date unknown
Peder Larsen Aas
Male 1719-Yes, date unknown
Ole Nielsen
Male Abt 1701-1769
Mikkel Pedersen
Male 1742-Yes, date unknown
Lars Iversen
Male 1753-Yes, date unknown
Nils Iversen
Male 1756-Yes, date unknown
Iver Nilssen
Male Abt 1722-1758
Hans Henriksen
Male Abt 1730-1771
Margrete Hartvigsdatter Rafn Aas
Female 1761-Yes, date unknown
Knud Jonsen
Male 1756-1823
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Anna Catharina Anfinnsdatter Røgh
Female 1729-Yes, date unknown
Berit Pedersdatter
Female Abt 1686-1748
Ingebrigt Olsen Aas
Male Abt 1643-Yes, date unknown