Erik Berntsens slektssider

Margrethe Jacobsdatter

Female Abt 1779 - Yes, date unknown

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Andreas Holm Olsen
Male Abt 1804-1806
Juliane Petrine Olsdatter
Female 1856-Yes, date unknown
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Anne Sofie Olsdatter
Female 1858-Yes, date unknown
Erland Thoresen Rusted
Male 1857-Yes, date unknown
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Sedolf Edvard Olsen
Male 1867-Yes, date unknown
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Kristofa Edvarda Severine Bogstrand
Female 1898-Yes, date unknown
Otelie Hansine Olsdatter
Female 1871-Yes, date unknown
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Catharine Marie Jensdatter
Female 1832-Yes, date unknown
Ole Andreas Nilsen
Male 1825-Yes, date unknown
Ingeborg Johanne Ingebrigtsdatter
Female 1857-Yes, date unknown
Nils Olai Nilsen
Male 1853-Yes, date unknown
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Theodor Andreas Ingebrigtsen
Male 1859-Yes, date unknown
Christiane Elina Ingebrigtsdatter
Female 1860-Yes, date unknown
Johanne Fredrikke Ingebrigtsdatter
Female 1861-Yes, date unknown
Anders Olai Andreassen
Male 1863-Yes, date unknown
Jens Martin Ingebrigtsen
Male 1863-Yes, date unknown
Ane Sophie Ingebrigtsdatter
Female 1866-Yes, date unknown
Iverine Caspara Ingebrigtsdatter
Female 1868-Yes, date unknown
Oline Andrine Ingebrigtsdatter
Female 1870-Yes, date unknown
Indiana Hansine Ingebrigtsdatter
Female 1872-Yes, date unknown
Ingbertine Ingebriktsdatter
Female 1875-Yes, date unknown
Helene Margrethe Jensdatter
Female 1833-Yes, date unknown
Ingebrigt Toresen
Male 1825-Yes, date unknown
Christiane Erika Olsdatter
Female 1806-Yes, date unknown
Jens Peter Jensen
Male Abt 1802-Yes, date unknown
Christian Mathias Nilsen
Male 1837-Yes, date unknown
Nanna Petrea Christine Nilsen
Female 1887-Yes, date unknown
Magnus Everin Martinsen
Male 1884-Yes, date unknown
Peder Olai Nilsen
Male 1840-Yes, date unknown
Oldine Olsdatter
Female Abt 1854-Yes, date unknown
Jacob Andreas Nilssen
Male 1845-Yes, date unknown
Oldina Sirene Olsdatter
Female 1809-Yes, date unknown
Nils Olsen
Male 1811-
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Margrethe Jacobsdatter
Female Abt 1779-Yes, date unknown
Ole Isaksen
Male Abt 1750-1810