Erik Berntsens slektssider

Lauritz Mogensen Blix

Male Abt 1545 - 1621  (~ 76 years)

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Laurits Mogenssøn Blix
Male Abt 1617-Yes, date unknown
Anders Stensen Blix
Male Abt 1658-Abt 1660
Sten Mogenssøn Blix
Male Abt 1620-Yes, date unknown
Claus Mogenssøn Blix
Male Abt 1620-1676
Anne Larsdatter Paasche
Female Abt 1625-Yes, date unknown
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Anne Andersdatter Ursin
Female 1710-Yes, date unknown
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Øllegaard Hansdatter
Female Abt 1592-1637
Lauritz Mogensen Blix
Male Abt 1545-1621
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Hans Jenssøn Bloch
Male Abt 1653-Abt 1692
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Mogens Jenssøn Bloch
Male Abt 1665-1740
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Elisabeth Munthe
Female 1666-1685
Maren Hansdatter
Female 1666-1705
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Maren Hansdatter Must
Female 1684-Abt 1710
Ludvig Munthe
Male 1657-1708
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Hans Joensen Finvedgaard
Male Abt 1648-Bef 1719
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Hans Hartvigsøn
Male 1653-1675
Oluf Hartvigsøn
Male 1656-1746
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Elen Hartvigsdatter
Female Abt 1665-1728
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Hans Hansen Jentoft
Male 1675-Yes, date unknown
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Mogens Hartvigsøn
Male 1668-Aft 1745
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Hartvig Arentsen
Male Abt 1611-1691
Ane Sofia Larsdatter Blix
Female Abt 1675-Yes, date unknown
Ole Larsson Blix
Male Abt 1683-Yes, date unknown
Anna Larsdatter Blix
Female Abt 1687-Yes, date unknown
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Lars Larsson Blix
Male 1687-Yes, date unknown
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Ida Larsdatter Blix
Female Abt 1692-Yes, date unknown
Barbro Larsdatter Blix
Female 1697-Yes, date unknown
Erik Jacobsen Schancke
Male Abt 1706-1760
Mogens Larssøn Blix
Male Abt 1704-Yes, date unknown
Catharina Moltzau
Female Abt 1680-1715
Ellen Hansdatter Blix
Female Abt 1635-Yes, date unknown
Johan Mortenssøn Blix
Male Abt 1666-Yes, date unknown
Riborg Mortensdatter Blix
Female Abt 1670-Yes, date unknown
Lars Mortenssøn Blix
Male Abt 1675-1736
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Maren Mortensdatter Blix
Female Aft 1680-Yes, date unknown
Michel Svendssøn Blix
Male Abt 1678-Yes, date unknown
Christen Svendssøn Blix
Male Abt 1681-Yes, date unknown
Niels Svendsen Blix
Male 1685-Yes, date unknown
Inger Marie Svendsdatter Blix
Female Abt 1687-Yes, date unknown
Ole Svendsen Blix
Male Abt 1698-Abt 1742
Maren Arntsdatter
Female 1705-Yes, date unknown
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Cathrine Svendsdatter Blix
Female Abt 1699-Abt 1780
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Henrik Hansen Brun
Male 1699-Yes, date unknown
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Johan Erikssøn Blix
Male 1672-Yes, date unknown
Ane Eriksdatter Blix
Female Abt 1680-Yes, date unknown
Michel Hvid
Male Abt 1680-1757
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Gullov Mogensdatter
Female Abt 1560-1629