Erik Berntsens slektssider



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Øllegård Hansdatter Wolff
Female Abt 1686-Yes, date unknown
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Maren Hansdatter Wolff
Female Abt 1687-Yes, date unknown
Iver Hansen Wolff
Male Abt 1694-Bef 1711
Kristen Hansen Wolff
Male Abt 1706-Yes, date unknown
Nils Hansen Wolff
Male Abt 1708-Yes, date unknown
Marit Anfinnsdatter
Female Abt 1710-Yes, date unknown
Hans Iversen Wolff
Male 1660-Abt 1744
Rasmus Tygesen Trane
Male Abt 1697-1758
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Christen Tygesen Trane
Male Abt 1699-1774
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Christopher Tygesen Trane
Male Abt 1703-Yes, date unknown
Mathias Tygesen Trane
Male Abt 1706-1742
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Jens Tygesen Trane
Male Abt 1708-Yes, date unknown
Daniel Tygesen Trane
Male Abt 1709-Yes, date unknown
Stephan Tygesen Trane
Male Abt 1712-1792
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Øllegaard Tygesdatter Trane
Female Abt 1713-Yes, date unknown
Søfren Tygesen Trane
Male Abt 1717-1776
Kristina Andreasdatter Boysen
Female 1736-Yes, date unknown
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Morten Olsen
Male 1729-1814
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Jacob Rasmussen Faber
Male Abt 1700-1751
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Rasmus Rasmussen
Male Abt 1695-1760
Øllegård Sørensdatter Trane
Female 1711-Yes, date unknown
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Søren Reinholtsen
Male Abt 1667-Abt 1713
Øllegård Tygesdatter
Female Abt 1634-Abt 1671
Øllegaard Christensdatter Trane
Female 1680-Yes, date unknown
Asmus Wessel Rosenfeldt
Male Abt 1675-Yes, date unknown
Inger Knutsdatter Bye
Female Abt 1711-1770
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Gisken Christensdatter Trane
Female 1682-Yes, date unknown
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Nils Mathiassen Trane
Male Abt 1715-1743
Hans Mathiassen Trane
Male 1727-Yes, date unknown
Mikkel Ursin
Male 1719-1811
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Maren Christensdatter Trane
Female 1689-Yes, date unknown
Mads Pedersen Bleik
Male Abt 1689-Yes, date unknown
Nils Christensen Trane
Male 1691-Abt 1710
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Ole Iversen
Male Abt 1688-1761
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Bertel Edisen
Male 1715-1783
Iver Andersen Melsbø
Male Abt 1724-1796
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Christoffer Andersen
Male Abt 1735-1808
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Guren Hansdatter
Female 1745-Yes, date unknown
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Martha Sophia Johannesdatter
Female 1766-Yes, date unknown
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Margrethe Christensdatter Trane
Female 1698-Yes, date unknown
Mathis Hanssen Spjelkevik
Male 1610-Yes, date unknown